Monday, June 7, 2010

Bugatti's Stunning Ashford Formula Floors!

The press department at Bugatti recently provided us with absolutely stunning photos from their manufacturing atelier in Molsheim, Germany.  While the cars in these photos are the definitely the focus, the Ashford Formula treated floors certainly shine well and provide the perfect backdrop for these luxurious cars!

NORSA GmbH applied the Ashford Formula back in 2003 to approximately 2,800 sqm of the facility's concrete floors.  Even after years of use, the floors are still performing extremely well.  Way to go NORSA!

It's Soccer Time in Vietnam!

A few weeks ago our distributor in Vietnam sponsored a soccer tourney hosted by the Ministry of Construction in Vietnam.  For the past 7 years, Brian Doan and his team Doan Technology Pty Ltd have been the exclusive sponsors for this awesome event for those in the construction industry.

Thanks guys for keeping the Ashford Formula at the forefront in Vietnam!  Keep up the good work!