Monday, August 9, 2010

Ashford Formula Applied to Platinum LEED Home in Colorado, USA

A while back, we were asked to participate in a very special project taking place in Colorado.  After a devastating fire destroyed his home on Thanksgiving Day in 2007, Al Wallace set out to "create something positive out of the catastrophe."  As the founder of Energy Environmental Coalition, Al made it his purpose to construct a new home that was "energy efficient and environmentally friendly" with the goal of it attaining Platinum LEED status. (For more information on the LEED Points system, please click on the link provided USGBC Leed Point System.)

We were recently notified that construction on the home had finished and we are grateful to have been part of such a noteworthy project.  The Ashford Formula had been applied to the concrete floors in the home's garage.  We were also notified that a profile of the Ashford Formula, along with a picture of our product and the application, would be listed on the website Platinum Leed Home: Colorado (scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the Ashford Formula's profile and picture).